Arts and Crafts Extravaganza


October 14, 2022 7:00 PM


October 14, 2022 7:00 PM


Included in the summer camp package

Unleash your creativity and dive into a world of artistic expression at our Arts and Crafts Extravaganza!

This special event is a celebration of all things creative, where campers can explore various art forms and let their imagination soar. From painting and pottery to jewelry-making and tie-dye, there will be a wide range of artistic activities to choose from. Experienced instructors will be on hand to guide campers and teach new techniques, while encouraging them to embrace their unique artistic style.

Campers will have the opportunity to create beautiful masterpieces to take home and showcase their artistic talents. Join us for a day filled with colors, textures, and endless possibilities in our Art Studio at the campsite. Let your inner artist shine!

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